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Reporters Across Borders reshaping perceptions of Arab Transformation

The Anna Lindh Foundation is launching the new initiative Reporters Across Borders as a response to the growing importance of media in shaping perceptions about the current events in the Arab Mediterranean countries. The initiative offers opportunities for Arab Journalists to move across other Arab and Euromed countries in order to cover intercultural stories and learn from other journalistic practices in the region.

Reporters Across Borders, mentored by the president of the Anna Lindh Foundation Mr. André Azoulay,  aims at covering the production costs for the duration of one to two weeks for young journalists from the Arab region who wish to participate in an exchange aiming at promoting intercultural reporting in the Euromed Region. Application will be accepted in Arabic, English and French till the 30th of November 2013 at the following link

The initiative is launched in the framework of the Dawrak- Citizens for Dialogue programme and intends to grant mobility opportunities to Arab journalists to visit other media institutions or civil society organisations in a fellow Euromed or Arab country, with a focus on South-South exchanges.

Another important pillar of the Reporters Across Borders initiate will include an Arab Journalists Tour which will promote the exposure of young winners of the Mediterranean Journalist Award, coming from Arab Mediterranean countries, in important Euromed events in collaboration with the Anna Lindh National Head of Networks and other institutional partners. The Arab Journalist Tour will allow the beneficiaries to convey the realities of the transformations witnessed by their countries and contribute in improving the general perceptions about socio-political changes in the Arab countries.

DAWRAK – Citizens for Dialogue is a programme launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation for providing civil society organisations and individuals with skills for participating in public life and contributing to build open and plural societies. The programme taking place in 9 Arab Mediterranean countries offering Exchange, Capacity building and Spaces for encounters.

Reporters Across Borders was elaborated throughout the different media events organised by the Foundation in the past years targeting more than 700 journalists and social media activists through trainings, seminars, and award which all recommended to design a special initiative for Arab Mediterranean journalists as opinion makers and agent of dialogue between cultures.