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The Reporting Tour from 18 January to 7 February 2007

Eleven days spent in four Euro-Med countries; Morocco, Turkey, Denmark and England, the winners of the Journalist Prize explored and reported on important issues related to dialogue and cultural diversity. The winners were accompanied by two professional Belgian journalists Natasha David (in Morocco and Turkey), and Jean-Paul Marthoz (in Denmark and England). Both of them coached the young winners on journalistic techniques and assisted them in reporting on diversity and more generally on discussing the role of media in promoting understanding between people.

This year, the reporting tour was focusing on covering minority issues in the four visited countries. In Morocco and Turkey, the winners explored the current situation of the Jewish community by interviewing different faces representing the community in both countries. On the other hand, in Denmark and England the young journalists tackled a sensitive issue which is the Muslim community living in these two European countries.

Beside conducting their own reportages, the winners also visited Media institutions as Agence Maghreb Arab Press (Morocco),the Press Office in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (England).

They also visited renowned journalists involved in the national debate on cultural diversity as Anders Jerichow from the Daily Danish newspaper Politiken and Zeynap Oral from Cumhuriyet one of the most important Turkish newspaper.

The winners were received by a number of politicians who are actively engaged in promoting dialogue between cultures at the national and international level, like André Azoulay the counsellor of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, Naser Khader a member of the Danish Parliament and head of the political movement "Democratic Muslims", and also Barry Lowen the head of "Engaging with the Islamic World Group" in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in UK.

The articles written during the Reporting Tour will be published in a booklet in Arabic,English and French.