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UN Secretary-General calls on Club de Madrid delegates to “amplify the voice of youth” to drown out those who preach hatred

28-10-2015. “An important priority will be to engage youth,” said UN-Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the closing of the Club de Madrid forum on countering extremism, adding “Young people are the main targets for recruitment by violent extremist groups. But they can be our best allies to promote understanding.”  The UN Secretary-General also highlighted the need to invest in “amplifying the voice of the moderate majority so we may drown out those who preach violence and hatred”.

Ban Ki-moon underlined that most of those recruited by terrorists are young men, “many frustrated with the few avenues available to find their place in society”. The UN Secretary-General stressed the role of social media in this process of recruitment. As a response, the United Nations “is seeking to harness the idealism, creativity and energy of young people to oppose violence and promote tolerance”.

Secretary-General's remarks were made at the closing session of Club de Madrid Madrid+10 Forum on Global Dialogue on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, on 27-28 November.