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Nidal Al Abbadi

The Youth Spirit Center
Organisation Description: 

Youth Spirit Center : aims to raise awareness between Jordanian youth on voluntary and cultural issues, through organizing awareness campaigns, training and youth exchanges, to spread the culture of non-violence and better life understanding

Good Practice: 

This project achieved the several objectives: Built solid bridges of understanding and cooperation ;Breakdown the stereotypes about cultures and religions ; Enrich the participants artistic talents and experience by adding flavours of other cultures and Improved the participants interpersonal, team building, and organizational skills.
The young participants brought back home a lot of new ideas talents and skill; that enhance their work back home.
This exchange contributed in developing mutual understanding and respect between participating countries coming from Euro-Med area. We believe that highly relevant to the the objectives Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Forum 2016 ?‡in terms of dissemination and promoting intercultural dialogue

Project Idea: 

our project idea is a training course about Preventing extremism through fostering Active citizenship of young people the Objective Preventing the spread of extremist ideologies, intolerance and radicalization of younger generations, promoting peace and intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region by training youth/social workers, youth leaders trainers and coaches in spreading the values of active citizenship, Human Rights, intercultural dialogue among youngsters in local communities, We believe that highly relevant to the the objectives of the Forum 2016 in terms of spread Active citizenship and intercultural dialogue values and Sharing best practices among NGOs from different Mediterranean countries