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Ninth Edition 2014


Zoukak Theatre was created in 2006 to develop a platform for creation and research, centered on theatre and performing arts with the aim to create interrelated languages of performance practice.  The project is based on the need to develop a professional continuity for its theatre practice and in a belief in this practice as a political and social involvement and a faith in collectivity as a position against marginalizing systems. Zoukak develops theatrical interventions working with incarcerated youth, children with multiple disabilities, women subjected to domestic violence and other marginalized fractions of our society, while continuing to work with people affected directly and indirectly by the war.

LE MONDE DES POSSIBLES (Belgium) - Candidate

Le Monde des Possibles intervenes in the field of the fight against exclusion and any kind of discrimination that is often felt by asylum seekers as a consequence of the asylum crisis and of a growing global neoliberal policy. Le Monde des Possibles proposes a chance to meet and act together to all these people who wouldn’t have met otherwise,  convinced of the fact that intercultural understanding and solidarity can trigger collective actions, knowledge exchange, critical analysis and a growing awareness of experienced realities.


Radijojo was founded in 2003 in Germany. The project is dedicated to give children and youth a voice to share their views, talents, hopes and fears, in the spirit of peace, children's rights, education, diversity, development and resilience. It today connects children in more than 100 countries  from Morocco to Germany, from Denmark to Turkey, from Jordan to Spain. Radijojo’s work aims at empowering children of all age groups, social and regional backgrounds, beliefs and cultures to use all types of media and art forms for self-expression, participation and exchange.