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Faces from the Mediterranean - a photo Exhibition

The exhibition 'Faces of the Mediterranean', a project prepared under the Common Operation scheme in cooperation with National Networks from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon and Montenegro, is kicking off at the end of April.

The 'Faces of the Mediterranean' photo exhibition consists of simultaneous open air photography exhibitions that will be held in popular places of the capital cities. Photographs of faces, scenes from everyday life, scenery, monuments and traditions of the common Mediterranean heritage will be presented to youth, migrants and the public at large, in order to improve perceptions regarding the EuroMed space by encouraging openness of the societies involved.

The exhibitions aspire to improve perceptions, celebrate cultures and de-construct stereotypes of the Mediterranean south and the countries of origin of their migrants as a way to promote social cohesion. This will be accomplished through simple interactive participation techniques – visitors will be encouraged to write their impressions on provided blackboards about provoked feelings, thoughts or ideas of the location of a respective photo.

In essence, the exhibitions will bring to the people the face of the Mediterranean, by providing them with the opportunity to visualize, to wonder and to learn about the ‘other’ and by encouraging dialogue especially among young people.

The opening in Zagreb will be on Saturday 24 April at 11AM until 2PM. With the exhibition, we have arranged short courses of the following, less known/spoken languages in Croatia: Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian and Hebrew. Everyone will get an already prepared dictionary with a few basic phrases.

Later that day, the exhibition will be placed at the French Institute in Zagreb until 3 May.

After Zagreb, the exhibition is moving to the cities/towns of Pula, Rijeka, Petrinja, Omis, Velika Gorica, Dubrovnik, Delnice and Zadar. The National Foundation as the HoN has prepared the promo material.

The link of the preview film of the exhibition: