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La Migration qualifiée au Maroc. Une étude socio-juridique

Morocco is affected by skilled migration. Skilled Moroccans live abroad and foreign skilled immigrants live in Morocco. The emigration of skilled Moroccans as well as qualified immigration to Morocco are both chosen and imposed. Migration is often chosen by host countries and by migrants, but may also be imposed on migrants (obliged to move for human-rights reasons) and on the country that is unable to control migration. Skilled Moroccan migrants were mainly born in their host country or were selected in Morocco by their host country. Indeed, foreign employment agencies search for potential skilled migrants in Morocco. Morocco is aware of the loss resulting from the settlement of its qualified citizens abroad, mostly in Europe and North America, and tries to foster their return. Skilled immigrants in Morocco have different origins. Some Sub Saharan elites and retired Europeans have recently settled in the country. Skilled Moroccan migrants should benefit from their rights in both origin and host countries, but they often face socio-legal problems and injustice and their skills are not always acknowledged.

ELMADMAD, Khadija / Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration (CARIM)
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