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The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures (ALF)
Fondazione Mediterraneo (FM)
Have agreed on the following modifications to the Regulations of the Euro-Mediterranean Award for the Dialogue Between Cultures

Article 1 – The Award

The aim of the Anna Lindh Foundation Euro-Mediterranean Award for the Dialogue Between Cultures is to recognise the achievements of individuals and organisations that have been at the forefront of promoting Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Each year, the Award will be dedicated to a specific theme, which will be chosen by the EuroMed Award Committee in compliance with the Barcelona Declaration principles and the mission of the Foundation.

The following bodies will be in charge of all arrangements of the Award:

• the EuroMed Award Committee and
• the ALF Secretariat.

Article 2 – The Euro-Med Award Committee

The EuroMed Award Committee consists of:

The Jury
o Three (3) independent persons of renown and prestige working in the ALF priority fields of action and coming from the EuroMed region;
o The representatives of the Head of Network institutions of two (2) ALF member countries (one representing the North and one the South) according to a rotational system on a yearly basis.

The Jury shall have the following tasks:
o Pre-selecting a list of a maximum of three (3) candidates (short list) amongst  ten (10) of the nominations received) through the Call and screened by the ALF Secretariat;
o Selection of the winner among the three (3) candidates in close collaboration with the EuroMed Award Board through e-meetings;
o Propose the theme for the next EuroMed Award.

The EuroMed Award Board consists of
o The ALF Executive Director and
o The President of Fondazione Mediterraneo (FM)

The Board shall have the following tasks:
o Choosing the annual theme of the Award after consultation with the ALF Head of Network institutions;
o Choosing the members of the Jury.

The ALF Secretariat shall have the following tasks:
• Deciding on the timetable and procedures of granting the Award;
• Launching the Call for Nominations and ensuring its visibility;
• Screening all nominations submitted through the Call and determining formal eligibility prior to the pre-selection by the Jury;
• Deciding on the participation of winners in other activities of the ALF including activities of the National Networks and the FM.

Article 3 – Nominations

Nominating organisations will be requested to submit their nomination proposals for the Award candidates via data transfer websites, preferably wetransfer to: by 15.10.2017

ALF Network members, as well as non-members are encouraged to nominate both ALF member and non-member organisations and individuals..

Article 4 – Selection Procedure

Procedures of nomination of candidates and election of winners in 2017 will take place as follows:

• The Board will choose the theme of the year by the end of the first semester of the year;

• The ALF Secretariat will launch the Call for nominations of candidates in August 2017;

• Members and non-members of national Networks shall nominate candidates by the deadline specified in the Call, no later than two (2) months prior to the Bestowing Ceremony;

• Based on the nomination proposals submitted by members of the national Networks as well as non-members, a preliminary screening of applications shall be done by the ALF Secretariat, in order to exclude irrelevant nominations/incomplete applications;

• The Jury shall prepare a short list of a maximum of three (3) candidates to be submitted to the attention of the EuroMed Award Board no later than three (3) weeks before the Bestowing Ceremony;

• The EuroMed Award Committee shall announce the results of the election during the Bestowing Ceremony.

Article 6 – Criteria for the Nomination of Candidates

• Candidates of the Award must be based in one of the member countries of the Euro-Med Partnership.

• Nomination proposals must include a C.V (no longer than three (3)pages), a short video (no longer than five (5) minutes) about the individual/organisation’s main activities related to the theme of the Award, and key reasons for the nomination, highlighting specific activities and achievements of the candidate during the last three years.

• A candidate can be proposed either as an individual or as representative of an organisation.

• Nominations can be done by ALF Network members and non- members.

• A nomination can be jointly presented by several ALF members of National Networks.

• As “youth”, “women” and “minorities” are key target groups for ALF, special attention will be given to candidates who have actively worked with them.

• Winners of previous editions of Awards granted by the FM cannot be proposed as candidates.

Article 7 – Criteria for the Pre-Selection of Candidates

The short-list (three (3) pre-selected candidates) will be chosen by EuroMed Award Committee from among the nomination proposals received according to the quality of their work, the quality of their candidature and the specific achievements relevant to the topic of the EuroMed Award.

Article 8 – Financial Prize

The winner shall receive a financial contribution of 5,000 EUR in recognition of their work for Intercultural Dialogue in the EuroMed region and a trophy, to be delivered by the EuroMed Award Board in a bestowing ceremony.

Article 9 – Award Ceremony

TThe Award Ceremony will take place each year, in the course of the second semester. The winner (or winners in case of equal scoring) will be invited to receive the Award during the Annual Head of Networks Meeting, or during any other prestigious event jointly organised between ALF and FM.

During the Award Ceremony, the winner will be invited to present the work for which he/she has been awarded, and a wide visibility will be ensured to the ceremony as well as to the winner’s work.