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Profile of Candidates

The Foundation would like to give recognition to local, national and/or regional initiatives in favour of the development of values and practices of work with refuges and migration in the context of intercultural dialogue.

This year, the Award will go to organisation(s) or individual(s) that are demonstrating through their work how refugees and migration are an opportunity for intercultural dialogue, taking into account the multiple interactions existing between development, democracy, diversity and dialogue.

The candidate for the Award –whether an individual or an organisation- should be:

• committed to the reinforcement of social ties that contribute to strengthening mutual understanding among communities and within societies;

• involved in conflict transformation at a local or regional level considering social and cultural diversity as an asset, and enhancing democratic practices and accountability towards citizens;

• Involved in putting into practice initiatives that aim at fostering, recognising and celebrating the contribution of refugees and migrants to cultural diversity, as well as mobilizing initiatives proving that intercultural dialogue can be a means for refugees and migrants to meet, communicate with and become part of existing communities at a local and global level.