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Author/Publisher: The Economist

A CONCISE but densely-packed briefing paper on the penalties faced by "blasphemers" in various countries has just been published by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom,

Author/Publisher: Joobin Bekhrad / Reorient Mag

Norah, get into it … punk rock, OK? Don’t let it drag. Are you ready? Sarah, Bonnie, Basma? Let’s go: un, deux, et trois!

Author/Publisher: Writer Natalie Shooter Photographer Roland Ragi / Brownbook

Yasmina and Jean-Pierre Zahar’s olive oil project, Bassatin Baanoub inspires a closer relationship with Lebanese lands

Author/Publisher: Writer Tala Habbal Photographer Baptiste de Ville d'Avray / Brownbook

Welcome to the magical world of Zid Zid – the Tangier toymakers giving some designer panache to playtime

Author/Publisher: Writer Tristan Rutherford Photographer Aydan Cinar / Bronbook

The man behind some of Istanbul’s most credible structures, Han Tümertekin is an architect on an anti-megalomaniac mission