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35 stories of female entrepreneurs changing the Arab World Yasmine El-Mehairy, the Entrepreneur behind Egypt’s SuperMama, is one of the women portrayed in the book. © -
Author/Publisher: Nina Curley / Your Middle East

Entrepreneurship "Arab Women Rising" compiles untold anecdotes of Arab women changing societies.

Author/Publisher: nterview conducted by Claudia Mende © 2014 Translated from the German by Jennifer Taylor Editor: Aingeal Flanagan/

Diyanet, Turkey's state-run Directorate General for Religious Affairs, is often referred to as a kind of Islamic "mini-Vatican".

Author/Publisher: Emmanuel Haddad / Cafe Babel English

In France, in spite of the controls for ethical advertising, size zero women wearing only underwear are all over our public spaces, keeping the male hormones on high alert.

Author/Publisher: MOHAMED AWAD AND SAHAR HAMOUDA, Eds. / The Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center


Mediterranean Voices: Oral History and Cultural Practices”
was a project funded by the European Union and

The World Urban Campaign launches 'The City We Need.' Credit: The World Urban Campaign
Author/Publisher: United Nations

4 March 2014 – How countries plan, build and manage their cities today will determine the outcome of global efforts to achieve a sustainable future, a panel of United Nations and civil society expe