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Sisters Street, Alexandria, Egypt, 1941. (The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images)
Author/Publisher: Iason Athanasiadis / The Majalla

Say goodbye to her, the Alexandria that is leaving

Author/Publisher: United Nations

This report describes Government views and policy priorities related to immigration and emigration, and how these have evolved along with changing international migration patterns for 196 countries

Author/Publisher: Maria Popova / Brain Pickings

What Chinese noses and hairy Brazilians have to do with the Moore’s law of breast.

Author/Publisher: Joobin Bekhrad / Reorient Mag

With references to works by the French Orientalist painter Eugène Delacroix and Pablo Picasso, a book by philosopher Frantz Fanon, and a song by an indie American rock duo, Bed of Broken Mirrors re

"Even now I turn off the lights"
Author/Publisher: Nevena Borisova / Cafe Babel English

Prostitution in Bulgaria is neither fully criminalised nor decriminalised. Prostitutes live in an uneasy limbo, vulnerable to abuse.