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Living Faiths Together – Tool Kit on Inter-religious Dialogue in Youth Work

Living Faiths Together aims to contribute to improved interaction between young people of different faiths, to promote free religious expression, to strengthen solidarity, to promote learning about the religious diversity of Europe and to encourage cohesion in Europe. In the current European political context that faces escalation of Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, intolerance (also directed towards Christianity), and religious tensions, this Tool Kit comes as an important reflection on the role youth organisations can play to tackle these questions.

Living Faiths Together is targeting at faith-based youth organisations working on local, national, regional or European levels, encouraging them to engage in the promotion of inter-religious dialogue (IRD). It wants to encourage youth platforms to explore possibilities for IRD within their work. The Tool Kit aims to provide trainers with practical information on specific considerations they need to make in the organisation of events that involve religiously diverse groups. Thus, the hand book can be used as a reference for activities, as an information background on the specifics of the monotheistic religions, as a tool for learning about the concept of IRD, and as a way of exploring the similarities between the different religions.

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