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Call for projects on “Digital Evaluation and Certification”

The e-Omed network
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The e-Omed network has launched a call for projects under the theme “Digital Evaluation and Certification”, the deadline for submission is the 15th of December 2020.

While development of distance learning via digital techniques has been successful, many institutions are still reluctant to organise remote assessment due to many pedagogical, legal, administrative and technical issues. The COVID health crisis provided an opportunity to test a number of existing solutions, to apply improvised and new solutions. The projects must propose pedagogical or technical devices to understand, develop, deploy and share effective and replicable solutions for digital assessment and certification.

The main objectives of this call are:

  • the pooling and free access to existing digital resources.
  • the promotion of the use of shared resources by using tools for collaboration and assistance, adaptation, reuse and user training.
  • the promotion of the creation of international curricula.
  • to support the development of the resources use in a Mediterranean collaborative framework, in particular to meet the needs of mass education.
  • the development of research and innovation in ICTE.

Have a look here to find out more on Participation rules and selection criteria, selection process and next deadlines.

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