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International Women Day 2021: Women in Leadership, towards an equal region in a COVID-19 world

UfM International Womens day

The pandemic has taken a great toll on our society, our lives and economy. Evidence shows that the impacts of crises are never gender neutral, and COVID-19 is no exception.

As entrepreneurs, nurses or health care and agricultural workers, women around the world have worked relentlessly not only to fight COVID-19 but also to shape a more equal and inclusive future. While women have been in the frontline of the fight against the pandemic, their voices remain left out of the decision-making table.

Indications show that when women are represented and engaged in leadership bodies, their outcomes are more likely to be inclusive: deaths of COVID-19 were 6 times lower in countries where female leaders took early action, countries with a greater proportion of women as top decision-makers in legislatures have lower levels of income inequality and when women hold more executive leadership positions, companies are more profitable.

This webinar will analyse the challenges that women and girls face to access leadership positions. The discussions will bring together a variety of stakeholders from across sectors, who will analyse the gendered barriers to leadership. Speakers will also share best practices on how to foster women and girls’ leadership across the region.

The event will welcome DG NEAR to present the recently published gender action plan GAP III and share insights on  how it will empower women and girls to participate and lead equally in social, economic and political life.

The webinar will also present the UfM’s labelled projects with UNIDO and CEED and launch the 2021 UfM Women Business Forum.