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We are still here! EuroMed Citizen Reporters

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We are giving citizens of the EuroMed region an opportunity to share their voices and views on how they have adapted to the new norm and which local initiatives give hope during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please find the two initiatives below:

  1.  We are looking for citizens from the EuroMediterranean Region who are willing to share their views in short videoclips. You may tell your story in English, French or Arabic. You might be an activist, a youth worker, artist, student, musician, debater, human rights trainer, social media reporter - an interested and active citizen of your country.

Since many of you are engaged citizens, we would be very excited to capture your views and stories! If you are interested to participate and available for an interview in the upcoming three weeks, please express your interest here<>.
Afterwards, we will come back to you with further information and a choice of dates for the Interview which will be a zoom session of about 15 – 20 minutes, that will be recorded.

We are creating a comfortable, informal interview situation. You will have a say on the recordings and you can have modifications whenever you wish. After the interview, we would like to ask you to send us three or four pictures or short video clips that illustrate your statements, taken with your phone. We will explain everything you need to know at the beginning of the zoom interview*.

In case of questions before the interview, please write an email to<>.

  1.  We are collecting local initiatives that give hope, social initiatives on the grassroots level that support the community and that can serve as small “Utopias” in your countries to include them in an interactive map of the region. These examples do not necessarily need to be developed during the crisis. But if they are still ongoing (maybe active in a different working mode) they would be especially interesting.

If you want to share one, two or three these initiatives on our website, please fill in the survey<>.
We will then choose initiatives and include them in the interactive map on the website and in our social media campaign.

Don’t hesitate to forward this information if you know someone else who wants to be interviewed or who is running an initiative that should be shared on our website!

We are very much looking forward to hearing back from you! The sooner, the better – we can include replies received by 24th January 2021.