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Good Practice

Mediterranean on the Spot – New Neighbourhoods

Good Practice Illustration

The Mediterranean on the Spot aimed to address issues occurring in neighbourhoods between locals and people from the Mediterranean area and beyond. The activities addressed all members of society by promoting intercultural dialogue and embracing the encounters and the consolidation of the Network.

The project was carried out as a series of events that combined artistic performances as well as reflective scientific and educational approaches. Within a core period of three months, more than 13 events were organised throughout Germany in cooperation with the consortium members. The cities hosting events included Berlin, Bochum, Hannover, Karlsruhe, and Munich.  In Berlin, the events consisted of the screening of the “Beyond Spring” film series which consisted of several documentary films from the Middle East and Maghreb and was accompanied by discussions with experts from EUME (Europe in the Middle East – The Middle East in Europe).

The events were carried out by public institutions, NGOs, welfare associations, political and church organisations, as well as by emerging initiatives. By bringing together different members, the aim was to initiate a symbiosis that integrated many of the network’s members in accordance with their respective capacities and local contexts.

The final outputs of the project included identifying and tackling the benefits, contributions, potentials and challenges of New Neighbourhood between locals, migrants and refugees and therefore contributing to a better understanding of the cultural diversity in our community and beyond and initiating new symbioses.

The project also raised awareness of the topic, answered relevant questions, lead to new questions and contributed to a necessary debate. The project also enabled the members of the German Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation to see who else works in the field and had connected with other professionals by expanding their Network.

The content of the events and reports by each member of the German Network are accessible via the blog of the ALF German network (see