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Good Practice

Twenty thousand leagues on the Intercultural Sea

Good Practice Illustration

The project aimed to dismantle stereotypes and prejudices against Arabs among Spanish youth using Arab literature for teenagers, and empower Anna Lindh Foundation network members about social cohesion and intercultural dialogue among regions.

The project was implemented between 05/01/2016 and 11/30/2016 in several regions of Spain and was carried out by 7 partners of the Anna Lindh Foundation Spanish Network involved in Intercultural Dialogue in the education field.

Partners developed didactic material from the translation into Spanish of the novel "Amazing tours in mysterious countries" (Sonia Nimr, Palestine) in order to use it with teenagers (from 12 to 16 years) to dismantle stereotypes and prejudices against Arabs. To guarantee the achievement of the objectives, evaluation tools were developed by partners followed by meetings with professionals from the centres where the activity was implemented.

The project put forward an active, participatory, responsible and innovative methodology that promotes a global critical citizenship. The didactic material was the fundamental tool to develop skills like developing empathy with the characters of the book, fostering supportive and respectful attitudes that contribute to strengthen coexistence in diversity

The questionnaires clearly indicate that beneficiaries change their vision of the Arabs or at least pique the teenagers curiosity. The reports made by the centers emphasize that the activity opens a great discussion and a wide interchange of ideas between participants, which is always a positive signal.

Although the expected beneficiaries of the project were teenagers, the activity has been also implemented with 50 children and students from primary school and 75 student of the Teachers Faculty (Cadiz University). To achieve this goal, the activity was adapted by the student of the Teachers Faculty through, for example, theatre techniques. The project has proved to be a flexible tool that can be adapted to reach public from all ages respecting its specific objective

The project was implemented by Fundación Al Fanar para el Conocimiento Arabe.