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Good Practice

WATERranean, building an interculture of water in MED area

Good Practice Illustration

WATERranean was a project that set out to promote coexistence and mutual understanding across the Mediterranean region. In order to achieve these aims, the project organisers set out to build a shared vision of the common destiny of human societies inhabiting the Euro-Mediterranean area through the exchange and sharing of knowledge and experiences on environmental sustainability and water issues among students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Lebanon.

The target group of the project were teachers and students attending secondary schools in three different areas of the Mediterranean basin: Bratunac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trieste in Italy and Mount Lebanon Region in Lebanon.

The activities included trainings in schools for teachers and students on environmental and water issues with the innovative components of the gamification of learning through the use of a board game called Kallipoly. The game was designed to improve awareness and learning activities on environmental and water issues through participatory methodologies with the involvement of local authorities

During the course of the project a group of teachers and students from Lebanon and Bosnia Herzegovina travelled to Italy and visited with their Italian colleagues water management good practices.

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