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Invisible Borders of the City for the Migrant Women From Turkey: Gendered Use of Urban Space and Place Making in Cinisello/Milan

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Purkis, Semra.
Journal of International Migration and Integration
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Policies to overcome the deepening world economic crisis trigger movement of people around the world. Migrants flow into the deprived areas of cities and become constitutive components of these places. The use of urban space for international migrants is restricted. But these restrictions of the space that is experienced and felt in daily life by different disadvantaged groups and genders can differ to a great extent. This study tries to do a gender specific analysis of use of the urban space through the experiences of women migrants from Turkey in Cinisello Balsamo/Milan and attempts to indicate how space, which is constructed, reproduced, and transformed constantly by changing social relations and interactions, can mold, reproduce, and change these relations in turn.