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Mediterranean Mobilities and Europe’s Changing Relationships

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Paradiso, Maria.
Springer International Publishing
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Following a mobility approach, this chapter considers the complexity and variety of mobilities in the Basin to frame our group’s research. The research is about the geographical complexities but also opportunities of multiple evolutions of the Mediterranean Basin flows, between Europe and non-European countries and beyond the North–South divide. Research adopted the non-élites perspectives provided by narratives of people in mobilities.

This chapter has two main objectives. First, it provides an introductory reading of the characteristics of Mediterranean mobilities. Second, it introduces the frame of research which drove fieldwork and discussions of findings. In particular, we examine the concept of Mediterranean mobilities which provides insights on the topic of internal and external Europe relationships and challenges to usual concepts shaping regional views on the area and migration studies. Our findings identify important factors that have structured and will structure relationships with consequent needs of specific focus of policy arenas in Europe.