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Report 2010

Erhan Ustundag

Born in Kırklareli in Turkey, he has been working for the Independent Communication Network (BIA) since 2004, as reporter and editor-in-chief. A graduate from Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication, Ustundag organised the first International Independent Media Forum in 2006, in Istanbul, succeeding in gathering alternative media representatives from all over the world. Areas of interest include children rights journalism, peace journalism, communication policy and political economy of media.


Anna Triandafyllidou

She is Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, and her main research areas include media and discourse studies. 'Media and Ethics of a European Public Sphere from the Treaty of Rome to the 'War on Terror'(EMEDIATE) was one of many European Union funded projects Triandafyllidou was involved in, and her recent publications include the book 'The European Public Sphere and the Media' (with R. Wodak and M. Krzyzanowski, Palgrave, 2009).


Katerina Stenou

She is a specialist in the field of intercultural communication. As a member of various research institutes devoted to intercultural relations, Stenou highlights mainly the links between diversity, dialogue and development, thus fostering global mutual understanding, in line with UNESCO’s mandate. She has also published several articles and books dealing with issues concerning the formulation of policies to respond to the challenges of today’s multicultural societies.


Sabine Schiffer

Her research focuses on discrimination in news media and on the impact of media on attitudes and values, especially on children’s values. Modern forms of propaganda are one of her most important subjects, in which the 'Enemy' (Feindbild) Islam is playing an important role today. With a PhD degree in linguistics, publications include a book on the 'Coverage of Islam in German Press' (2005) and on a comparative analysis of anti-Jewish and anti-Islamic hate speech (2009, with Constantin Wagner, IMV).


Eldar Sarajlic

His main research areas are comparative politics and political theory, with a special emphasis on ethno-politics and ethnocentrism, democracy, post communist politics, political elites and religion. Sarajlic writes about politics, culture and society of Bosnia and Herzegovina and collaborates with a number of universities, including the University of Edinburgh and University of Oxford. Eldar is a published author and has published several papers and articles in various publications throughout Europe.


Naomi Sakr

She previously worked at the Economist Intelligence Unit as a Middle East specialist and has been managing editor of political risk and economic forecast reports. Sakr received the Middle Eastern Studies Book Prize 2003 for 'Satellite Realms: Transnational Television, Globalization and the Middle East'. Her most recent book 'Arab Television Today' (2007), investigates law and policy, content creation and the status of journalists, including women presenters and war reporters.


Alexa Robertson

Her current research, funded by a grant from the Swedish Research Council, compares reporting in 'counter-hegemonic' global news channels with accounts of the world given by established global broadcasters, to see how Europe is depicted by its 'others'. Robertson has also published in the year 2010 the book, 'Mediated Cosmopolitanism: the world of television news'.


Isabelle Rigoni

She holds a PhD in political science from the University Paris 8 (France, 2000), and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (University of Warwick, 2001-2003) and at the Centre Marc Bloch (Berlin, 2004-2005). She is currently teaching at the university of Poitiers; and she teached previously in the universities of Paris 8 Saint-Denis and Evry-Val d’Essonne (1996-2005). She is working on ethnic media, migrations, transnational mobilities and gender.


Natalia Ribas-Mateos

She has been a Marie Curie Fellow at the Laboratoire Mediterraneen de Sociologie Aix-en Provence in France and at the Centre for Migration Studies in Sussex in the United Kingdom. During 2009 her principal research was centered on remittances, gender and border spaces in El Paso in the United States of America, and in Jebala in the Kingdom of Morocco. Ribas-Mateos’ latest published work includes 'The Mediterranean in the Age of Globalisation. Migration, welfare and borders' (Transaction Publishers, 2005).


Magued Osman

As one of the pioneers of statistics and national information in Egypt, Osman is also Professor, at the Department of Statistics, Cairo University. He has extensive technical and consultancy experience in the fields of survey methodology, public opinion polling, and demographic analysis. In addition, Osman is a member of the International Association for Statistical Education, the American Statistical Association, IUSSP, the International Union for Scientific Studies In Population, and the World Future Society.



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