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CNJC - Consell Nacional de la Joventut de Catalunya

National Network: 
Plaça Cardona 1-2 baixos
08006 Barcelona SPAIN
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Individual Person
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General Information: 

The CNJC is a non-governmental organization representing the main Catalan youth organizations and defending the interests of the country’s young people and children. The CNJC is currently composed of 96 member organizations all working in the youth field, but representing different groups. These may be student, social, political organisations, the youth section of the trade union, etc., or observer members such as local youth councils and service organizations for young people. The CNJC organise a General Assembly each year, composed by two delegates of each member organisation, where we make the evaluation of the last year and where we fixed the priorities and the budget for the next year. More in Main activities

Mission and Objectives: 

Goals ? To advise the different institutions of the Generalitat de Catalunya on youth issues. ? To achieve the best level of participation of young people in the decisions and actions affecting them and promote improvement of their living conditions ? To promote youth organisations and in general the democratic participation. ? To be the link between young people and the government in order to improve their situation and participate in the government institutions that need it. ? To promote the relations between the different youth organisations. ? To improve the participation of the young people in international activities. ? To create, when it’s necessary, material about the youth issues. ? To represent the youth organizations in front of the administration bodies that request it

Main Projects / Activities: 

The Assembly choice a Bureau called Secretariat, with nine persons maximum from different member organisation, for two years. The Bureau is the body which manage the Council between the Assemblies. There is an executive committee (two times each year. In the first executive committee the organizations approve the annual working plan and in the second meeting there is an evaluation. There are other bodies of participation as the Commissions (International, Economic Assessment and Control) and the working groups (Educational, University, Youth Policy,…) The technical staff is composed by 13 persons. Partners: - full member of the European Youth Forum - FLAJ (Foro Latinoamericano de la Juventud) -other European National Youth Councils (specially the southest ones) The budget is aproximetly 680.000 for the year 2008. - Interlocution - Studies - Training Courses at national and international level (Euromed and Latinoamerica Areas) - Working Groups - Publication

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Elisabet Puigdollers Mas
Job Title: 
International Cooperation and Civil Rights Coordinator
Head of the organisation: 
Agnés Russiñol i Amat