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The Italian ALF National Network has adopted a new coordination structure, formed by one institution  sharing tasks and responsibilities .

Fondazione Mediterraneo

Established in Naples in 1994, Fondazione Mediterraneo, is dedicated to the achievement of a Greater Mediterranean, a concept which is both historical and strategic. It has been appointed Head of Network since inception of ALF.
The Foundation works in cooperation with countries of the Middle East, the Gulf and the Black Sea in order to promote international understanding by raising awareness about the social, cultural, and self-identification contexts that exist in the Greater Mediterranean, encouraging closer interaction and highlighting shared interests in respect of fundamental human rights and equality between genders. In particular, it develops human resources and intellectual cooperation in multidisciplinary fields.

Fondazione Mediterraneo

Mr. Michele Capasso

Address: via Depretis 130, 80133, Naples
Tel: +39 0815523033; Fax: +39 0814203273
E-mail: micapasso54@gmail.com
Website: www.fondazionemediterraneo.org    www.mamt.it

General info about the Italian Network:
The Anna Lindh Foundation provides logistical and operational support to the National Network in Italy through the Network Strategic Development Scheme (NSDS).

Network News

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