Mediterranean Forum 2016

Valletta, Malta, 23-25 October

The region's primary gathering for intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region



The Mediterranean Forum of the Anna Lindh Foundation is the region’s largest civil society gathering and most influential event of its kind for intercultural dialogue. The Forum connects a unique regional network of practitioners, policy-makers, media and international donors, united to create together real and lasting change in the face of the region’s most pressing problems.

The Mediterranean Forum 2016 will address 10 strategic priorities:

1. #BeyondExtremism
2. #InterculturalCities
3. #RethinkingLearning
4. #ExchangePlus
5. #CreativeEnterprise
6. #MigrantsConnect
7. #YouthCan
8. #MediaDialogue
9. #WomenInAction
10. #ArtsAcrossBorders


Amidst the backdrop of unprecedented crisis and change in the Mediterranean, this year’s Forum aims to accelerate and scale-up the impact and reach of intercultural action to counter forces fuelling polarisation and extremism. Both sides of the Mediterranean, North and South, are facing huge common challenges, from the impact of a refugee crisis and climate change to youth unemployment and radicalisation, and the cultural roadmap represents the only viable long-term approach to creating “a common space of peace, stability and economic prosperity”.


In Valletta, Malta. As a symbolic bridge between Europe and the Southern Mediterranean region, Malta is a unique strategic location to reinforce regional connections. The first Maltese EU Presidency, during the first semester of 2017, also represents an occasion to put Mediterranean dialogue at the top of the political agenda.


As the region’s central institution and reference point for intercultural dialogue, the Anna Lindh Foundation has spent more than a decade investing in people-to-people cooperation across the Mediterranean region. Working from Alexandria across the 42 Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), the Foundation has significant assets which can be leveraged through the Forum process to open up a new phase of action, from the largest network of civil society working for Mediterranean dialogue to pioneering research and extensive experience in the field.

The Forum will act as an anchor within a wider dialogue campaign to be run during 2016 with the 4500+ member associations and strategic partners of the Anna Lindh Foundation, and in preparation of the first Maltese EU Presidency.