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General Information

Hewar Company for Independent Theater and Performing Arts Hewar is an independent non-profit theater and performing arts company based in Alexandria Egypt. ‘Hewar’ is the transliteration of the Arabic word for dialogue "حوار"; dialogue is the main value around which our artistic practice revolves. Through our work, both locally and internationally, we are always working towards opening and facilitating Dialogue. Hewar Theater group has been working since 2005. In 2012, after the Arab Spring and the momentum of the political and social movement in the region, a need arose to establish the company and expand our projects beyond producing theater pieces to Theater Is A Must Independent International Theater forum, and international collaboration projects. This transformation was also provoked by our emerging desire to be able to change cultural policies and have a say in the operation of our cultural context.

Mission and Objectives

Our Mission To create spaces and forums for - and sometimes provoke - dialogue on different humanitarian and social issues among and between cultures, artists, performers and people in general. Objectives Create and present contemporary theater productions. Reinforce the position of independent theater and performing arts in the Arab region. Create a link and a network between young Arab theater makers and their European counterpart. Advocate new forms of theater and performing arts aesthetics. Create, document, and archive works of contemporary political theater and performing arts in the Arab region and Europe. Create an open and uncensored space for young artists and critics to discuss theater and performing arts today in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and all the drastic global political transformations that followed. Assert the necessity of theater as an interactive entity capable of initiating change, breaking taboos, and providing societies with a much needed reflection.

Main Projects / Activities

Theater Is A Must International Independent Theater Forum/Festival Platform for political and contemporary theater Theater Is A Must International Theater forum/festival in Alexandria, Egypt is an annual forum/festival presenting contemporary political and socio-political global, regional, local theater and performing arts productions created in the wake of the Arab Spring. Since we may be considered the only festival in the Arab Region focusing on political theater as an emerging genre, the performances that make it through the selection process are mainly politically engaging, aesthetically challenging, and/or relatively experimental. In our curatorial approach, our selection is guided by each edition’s theme. Recognizing that theater is the most naturally embracing and fertile ground for conceptual and practical Interdisciplinarity, the forum is often including film screenings, concerts, panels, readings, and dance pieces into the programming of each edition. Every edition, Theater Is A Must offers a variety of workshops for young theater and performing arts practitioners across different specialties, topics, and needs. Thus far we have organized 7 successful editions of Theater Is A Must Forum/Festival and within the framework of these editions we have organized: 31 Performances and 9 Public events (Readings, public discussions, presentations) with artists from Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, The Netherlands, Kenya, South Africa, USA, Palestine, Syria, the UK and Lebanon. 18 workshops with local and international trainers (Egypt, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Syria, Kenya, the UK). 9 film screenings. 4 music concerts.

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Adel Mohammad abdelwahab
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Adel abdelwahab