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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
General Information
About Development Workshop: A group of young people established the Development Workshop group in 2003 to support and become a part national and international development efforts. The Development Workshop was then organized in November 2004 as a cooperative by experts and professionals from such diverse fields as social anthropology, sociology, physical anthropology, international relations, politics, biology and forestry. It is common knowledge that cooperative type of organization in the field of social development is quite rare in both Turkey and elsewhere. The reason for choosing this type of organization was to contribute to development of ideas in the field of development, become an active actor in different areas of development and to ensure democratic participation of partners to the management of the cooperative. The Development Workshop is a cooperative established to support the development of the country and to contribute to the success, sustainability and replicability of projects at any scale. The Development Workshop develops and implements programmes geared to institutional capacity building in non-governmental organizations and producers’ unions in such areas as governance, social development, education, children and youth. The areas where the workshop is relatively stronger include development of development programmes and projects, research and capacity building, beekeeping, seasonal employment and working children. Objectives of Development Workshop • Mitigation of poverty and deprivation, • Protection and development of natural environment, • Strengthening the social status of women and gender balanced development, • Combat against child labour, • Developing regional cooperation, • Sharing and solidarity, • Designing sustainable development models. Principles under the objectives of Development Workshop • Mitigation of poverty and deprivation, • Participation and openness, • Sustainability and replicability and expandability, • Disadvantages, • Strengthening the social status of women and gender, • Protection and development of natural environment. Fundamental Working Principles of the Development Workshop • Institutional independence, • Openness and transparency, • Originality and innovativeness, • Efficiency and effectiveness, • Freedom and democracy, • Division of labour, • Collaboration and solidarity, • Scientific approach and objectivity, • Participation, • Volunteer work and development of human resources, • Professional approaches.
Mission and Objectives

Basic aims
• To fight against poverty and deprivation,
• To protect and develop natural resources,
• To fight against children workmanship.
Other aims
• Integration of young people to the development process,
• Strengthening women’s position, and a social gender-balanced development,
• Promoting the European Union integration process,
• Developing international regional cooperation,
• To establish Development Academy,
• To constitute a network based on sharing and solidarity among persons and institutes relevant to development, and to introduce model studies.

Main Projects / Activities

Work being conducted and completed by Development
• “Guide for Development Organizations in Turkey” (February-December 2004)
(Supporting Agency: UK Embassy)
• “Development of Stock Breeding in Mesudiye District of Ordu” ( July 2005)
(Supporting Agency: Mesudiye Development Foundation)
• “Child Poverty in Turkey: Cases of İzmir and Diyarbakır” (February 2009-2010) (Supporting Agency: METU Scientific Studies Project Coordination Unit)
• In situ Monitoring of Reforestation Work along Baku-Tbilisi Pipeline (Supporting Agency: BTC)
• Turkish Union of Beekeepers Strategic Planning Work (2010)
• “Life Situations of 0-6 Years Old Children of Seasonal Agricultural Workers” ( September 2009- December 2011) (Supporting Agency: Bernard van Leer Foundation/the Netherlands)
On going work by Development Workshop
• Interventions For The Children (6-14 Age Group) Affected By The Seasonal Agricultural Immigrations (July 2011-October 2012) (Supporting Agency: The Royal Netherlands Embassy)
The Development Workshop has decided to conduct its activities under four major headings starting from 2011. These are:
1- Governance and Development
2- Social Development
3- Children and Youth
4- Institutional Capacity Building
The Development Workshop has various project ideas in the context of its main programmes.

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Ertan Karabıyık
Head of the organisation
Ertan Karabıyık
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Tanju Kuruoz