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Pasta street 37 - 43
Jelgava, LV-3001

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+371 26514523
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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Youth and education
General Information

There are number of youngsters representing students from high schools and Universities in Jelgava as well as young workers of service, but united by common interests to participate in local society and be active EU citizens. Organization was founded in Jelgava city 2003, supported with office space by Jelgava local municipality as a meeting point for young people from 16 ambient local communities. We have a Board of 3 representatives, around 10 active members and more voluntary contributors. Financial resources acquired mainly from smaller and bigger projects. We having some support also from local Municipality and private donations.Association managing 1-10 thousands Euro per year depending of activity. Financial turnover balance forms support of NA of program YiA for organizing regional seminars on non-formal education for rural people and similar way cooperation in different educational activities with association JugendSozialwerk e.V from Germany - few times per year. Main partners in projects are - other non-governmental organizations, e.g.Young Farmers Club, YMCA, Latvian Youth Council, number of schools and Municipalities in Latvia.

Mission and Objectives

The main tasks and objectives of association POST SCRIPTUM: Support developing of creative and democratic youth Assist non-formal education and projects activity Popularize healthy life style Organize cultural, educational and sports events Build up international cooperation Participate in realization of youth policy in region and country

Main Projects / Activities

Mission of association POST SCRIPTUM is realized by seminars, school visits, creative workshops, summer camps and regional and international exchanges. We have friends and projects partners all around Europe and MEDA countries mainly through Lifelong Learning Programme and Youth in Action. For motivating local people active participation in community, regional and European dimension life association takes part in various seminars and training courses. Leaders of our local organization empower participants - young women, to involve in inter-religious dialogue and to make understanding across religious and cultural borders. Women of association POST SCRIPTUM have participated in EU Programme Youth in Action training courses from year 2005 in Hungary, Germany, France and Lithuania. We would concentrate on learning and using Coaching method in EU ''2012-Year of active aging''. Our organization is working to realize own projects as well as participation: • Sports and environment program for kids - locally • Outdoor activities, team-building, camps – local and national • International projects – Camps Counsellor program in USA, Folk dance festival CARPATI , Romania, TenSing – Fest Karlovice, Czech Republic. Last participation in program Youth in Action - project ‘’Eco Power’’, Zakopane, Poland, May, 2011. Association POST SCRIPTUM is full-fledged member of National Youth Council of Latvia since 2003. Our organization has a contract with Latvia National Agency of Program Youth in Action for implementing ideas, sharing information and realizing educational activities in two local municipalities – Jelgava and Ozolnieki. On base of that year 2009 - 2010 our association realizes youth cooperation projects in Republic of Moldova and Romania. Now Association POST SCRIPTUM participates in Latvia State Employment Agency project and host young unemployed persons in work practice.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Association POST SCRIPTUM plans not only use wide range of international activities in Anna Lindh Fondation but also bring to effect previous experience and a good practice of our members for organizing interesting actions for promoting ideas of diversity, democracy, equality and culture.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We have participated in projects and seminars organized in MEDA dimension for several years and want to continue that with new possibilities and contacts. Association POST SCRIPTUM would like to join in process of developing and implementing EuroMed policy all around countries frame common interests.

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Edgars Janis Paulovics
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Head of the organisation
Edgars Janis Paulovics