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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information
The Mobility Fund of Artists & Cultural Operators within Africa. This includes : North Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa and Central Africa
Mission and Objectives

Art Moves Africa (AMA) is an international not for profit organization aiming to facilitate cultural and artistic exchanges within the African continent. AMA offers travel grants to artists and cultural practitioners living and working in Africa to travel within the African continent in order to engage in the exchange of information, the enhancement of skills, the development of informal networks and the pursuit of cooperation.
AMA was initiated by the Young Arab Theatre Fund (YATF) and a group of African and Arab organisations to facilitate and encourage the mobility of artists and cultural operators within the African continent. AMA has been incubated in July 2005 by YATF and became an independent international organization in February 2008.
• To facilitate regional and trans regional cultural exchanges in Africa for individual artists/cultural operators and cultural organisations and encourage the mobility of artists and cultural professionals to exchange experiences, information and ideas
• To encourage artists and cultural operators to work towards shared projects and artistic collaborations across the continent
• To provide the opportunities for artists and cultural operators to gain more knowledge of the diverse contexts and the cultural environments of the African continent
• To encourage independent initiatives, small projects and participation in highly professional artistic and arts management workshops, seminars and residencies for artists
• To encourage the attendance of festivals that provides artists and cultural operators with the opportunity to gain wider exposure and enrich their own creativity
• To develop methodologies to increase access to information and knowledge on arts and culture within Africa

Main Projects / Activities

- Mobility Grants
- Mobility Hub Africa

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Khadija El Bennaoui