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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information
Cork Feminista is a voluntary feminist organisation that was founded in August 2010. We arrange monthly meetings around topical human rights and feminist issues, facilitate creative workshops, fund-raisers, and campaign events, as well as manage social networking websites, an online blog, and compose a weekly E-Newsletter. We also have a monthy film club whereby we screen movies and documentaries that were written, produced or directed by women. 
Mission and Objectives

Cork Feminista believe strongly in what we call the ‘Three E’s in Feminism’- Education leads to Enlightenment which creates Empowerment. 
Cork Feminista is committed to progressing, upholding and representing women’s issues in all domains. We aim to bring women’s issues to the fore of society through activism.
Cork Feminista is committed to gender equality and advancing women’s rights. The driving force of social change is action. Cork Feminista actively promotes gender equality by organising and taking part in campaigns, protests and Local and National events. 

Main Projects / Activities

Cork Feminista host monthly meetings in order to bring feminist issues forward to the broader community. Cork Feminista’s monthly meetings are held in an inclusive space that is disability friendly. Meetings are donation based only. The topics that are covered at Monthly Meetings are varied and represent the diversity of feminism. Topics are chosen by volunteers, who are then responsible for the successful arrangement of the event. Cork Feminista sends a yearly questionnaire to its members to gain insight into the issues that its members are interested in, and plans the meetings accordingly. Please find list of events that we have organised here

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Cork Feminista can contribute to the Network by brining our skill set to the Anna Lindh Foundation. We have been promoting feminism in local communities in Cork City and hosting events at community level for almost five years. We have learned how to reach out to women of all different classes, ages and cultures. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Cork Feminista have two main reasons for joining the Anna Lindh Foundation. 
Firstly, we wish to learn more about the issues experienced within the Mediterranean region.  
Secondly, we would love an opportunity to share our experiences in how we have helped women to become more empowered. 

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Regina Cronin
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Eilis Dillon
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