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General Information

The NPO Tartu Women’s Shelter was founded on July 8th, 2002 and aims to help battered women (and their family members) and reduce the risk of repeated  models of violence. Organization has up to 10 people working, some of us are employed, some of us work as volunteers. We are partnering with network of womens shelters in Estonia. Also thru EU projects funded we have international partners in Latvia, Finland, Greece etc. Funding of our main activity-shelter for battered women, is coming from State of Estonia and partially from local government. For awareness raising, info materials, other public activities we are writing projects to get these funded. That part is depending on how many projects we are able to apply and get. We have group of stakeholders (police, LGOV social workers, victim`s support, ER etc) for activities in working with victims. For public awareness we form different workgroups with various partners-depending on activities during the project. More information about our organization is found on webpage www.wsic.ee.

Mission and Objectives

Our mission First to provide the psychological, economical and emotional support needed for victims of domestic violence to break the cycle of violence Second to raise the level of awareness among all stakeholders involved in the issue by providing training and technical assistance to the police, prosecutors, social workers, health workers and political leaders on all of the dimensions of the issue.  

Main Projects / Activities

Main activities are: 24/7 hotline providing information and counseling to victims of domestic violence and other concerned individuals; Temporary housing for victims of violence, often with kids (up to 5 women at one time); Direct Counselling includes psychotherapy, social work  and legal advice (representation in court); Case management for women, such as helping in dealing with governmental offices (i.e. social ministry, unemployment, housing etc). -Continuously updated homepage www.naistetugi.ee -Lectures to introduce the topic for different groups -Training-seminar for stakeholders, periodic roundtables -Public awareness campaigns-posters, articles -Published books about DV issue, also victims of sexual violence issue. International projects participated(9 projects during years): 2013-2014 Wompower-Empowering women to fight against domestic violence through an integrated model of training, support and counselling.  8 partners from 7 countries. 2010-2011 Terapeutische Frauenberatung-Back up the children. Training materials for specialist working with children, trainings.  2007-2009 NANE Women’s Right Association-“Survivors speak up for their dignity” – supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence.  Also local projects participated during years.  

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We have knowledge to share in training about the topic of DV. Also in the area of public awareness we can say that cooperation of more organisations gives bigger opportunity to be visible in public.  

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

we believe that being part of network is the key for getting our voice more heard in public. Also we believe that we have already a lot to share from our side. And thisi is our goal-to be there, share and learn.

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Pille Tsopp-Pagan
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executive manger
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Pille Tsopp-Pagan