Asociatia Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori

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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Youth and education
General Information
The association has got 7 founder members and works with a pool of 20-25 volunteers. It is chaired by a president and lead by a 3 member board.They work on a voluntary basis and are paid when they have a specific task in a funded project. .   We employ staff on a project to project basis. Budgetary resources vary from year to year depending on projects approved for funding. Since 2013 it has grown from 10000Eur/yr to 30000Eur/yr in 2017 . Funding sources are : membership fee, contributions of members and fans, European projects and voluntary work as necessary. We do: european projects, train the trainers, seminars and workshops for volunteers and produce educational resources . We work in partnership with 7 colleges and 10 schools from urban and rural areas, the public library network and county museum as well as the Municipality, county council  and public services according to project requirements
Mission and Objectives

To use seniors' life experience and expertise to community benefit.
To support youth involvement in community development
To empower teachers, trainers, youth workers with knowledge and  skills to change the  attitude of the  community on environment  and intercultural communication.
To support school education with joint informal/non-formal e-learning  inputs.   

Main Projects / Activities

2010- 2011Primus inter Pares - a support program for college teachers on shaping workshops on life related topics : from barter to banks, from smoke to smart phones, Hair style past and present, evolution of clothing, memory and memoriesm, etc.  
2010-2012 - Memories for the Future - story telling by elederly about post war times and publishing Danube Tales.
​2013-2015 - Grundtvig Parthership - Senior Citizens Empowerment for Actuve Aging - create resources for senior volunteers working with youth, children, disadvantaged to enable them deal with advantages and disadvantages of stray dogs in community. Coordinator and project writing
2015-2017 -  Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership -Innovation- Useful Usability Disposability - a plastics free world- creating a e-learning plaform for NGO staff, youth workers, teachers, activists - self learning on how to create civic events enforced by art installations to support fight against plastic pollution.  

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can contribute with :
- e-learning experience
- environment volunteer support
- civic events devepolment and implementation
- intercultural learning
- dosadvantaged involvement

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are a group of seniors with  a variety 15-30 years  expertise in fields such as : european information service provision, project writing and management,  intercultural teacher training, e-learning, family learning,  IT capabilities, adult education, volunteer attitude development to mention just the most visible one.
We feel we can contribute and valorize  the above mentioned expertise in the ALF Network to the benefit of the national and international members in joint projects .
We also feel we can find much inspiration and empowerment in the ALF network to expand our intercultural dimension for some of our future projects  which approach interculturality in terms of believs and intercultural  communication.

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Viorica Alexandru
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Head of the organisation
Viorica Alexandru
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Ioan Bob
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Secretary General