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Isonkorventie 8 B 9
02970 Espoo

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Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Gender
  4. Heritage
  5. Human rights
  6. International/Cultural relations
  7. Others
  8. Youth and education
General Information
Staff number is 4, Chairperson, Executive director, Financial officer, and Communications Officer. We are a member association and vice board member in Moniheli ry. As we are a new association, most of our work is yet voluntary but we do small scall services e.g. translation, performances, workshops, etc. This year we applied a projetct (Workers of Finland) for Moniheli grant. We recieved 6637,50 and our project was ranked as 4 out of 28 projects applied.  Modalities of action: concrete projects, events for the community, seminars, cooperation with other associations.  Main partners: e.g in our project ( workers of Finland), Moniheli, Finnish refugee council, SAK, RIKU, Startup refuges, Amal ry, Al-Birr Lähimmäisapu ry, Suomi-Marokko ystävyys- & kumppanuusyhdistys ry, PAM.  
Mission and Objectives

Mirsal is a non-profit and non-governmental Organization, that was formed in accordance with the Finnish law. Finland has become home to many different Arabic nationals and cultures. Therefore, our goal is to support the Arabic speaking immigrants in building and strengthening the ties between Finns and Arabs. And for them to be involved through different projects and events, which leads to smooth integration into Finnish society.
Finland is the leading country of education, innovation and equality, so we introduce this information and make it reachable for Arabic speaking people.
Mirsal promotes diversity and multiculturalism.

Main Projects / Activities

Legal advices 
We offer Arabic speaking immigrants’ advice and assistance in daily legal matters.  Our service is free of charge in the Arabic mother tongue.   
Guide to voluntary work 
We promote the value of voluntary work for immigrants in Finland through providing information and guidance in Arabic, English, Russian and Estonian.  
Voice of Arabic woman in Finland 
We promote the position of women and girls. We work towards the enhancement of the role of Arabic women in society to achieve their dreams and goals; to embrace strength for social change with support from each other and to be inspired by the successful stories. 
We promote for political participation of immigrants. Writing is the best communication method to share information and exchange opinions. Therefore, we encourage Finnish and Arabic writers in Finland to publish their articles on our website. We accept articles in Finnish, Arabic, and English.  
Tourist guide to Finland in the Arabic language.  
We provide information and assistance about Finland to Arabic tourists available in the Arabic language free of charge. For example, we provide tips and interesting destinations, information on transport, accommodation, culture, activities, and more. 
 Workers of Finland
The project seeks to improve the working conditions and the work environment of Arabic speaking workers by raising their awareness about their duties and rights in the Finnish workplace and influence trade unions to include them in their services. 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We promote opportunities for Arabic speaking immigrants to be involved in the Finnish society. 
We support the enhancement of community education and political participation. 
We encourage new voices and leadership. 
We support the development of the role of a woman in society.
We strike for an equal balance between rights and responsibilities. 
We welcome cooperation with different individuals, institutions and enterprises.
We appreciate new and creative ideas. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are very much interested in the ALF network. As we share the value of your foundation, we would like to be involved in your programmes and projects. we are very much interested in cooperation with others inside your network and to implement projects at the international level by connecting our work with other Arabic countries. For example, projects concerning refugees and newcomers to Finland.   

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Sandra Imran Alsouse
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Head of the organisation
Sandra Imran Alsouse
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Ihab Alsouse
Job Title (2)
Executive Director