Women!- Daphne, Echo, Io and the others

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Women!- Daphne, Echo, Io and the others

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As conflicts ravage the Mediterranean, Women!- Daphne, Echo, Io and the others focused on the need to overcome prejudices through cultural actions and mutual knowledge. The project organisers approached these aims by enhancing the work of artists from 4 countries with profound cultural bounds as well as experience in conflict situations. These countries were: Italy, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey.

The multilingual performances produced during the course of the project aimed to unlock some of the potentials that intercultural collaborations have and to challenging borders, misconceptions posing an obstacle to intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

During the course of the project, two international artistic residences were organized in Lecce (Italy) in February 2017 and in Tunis (Tunisia) in June 2017. Both of these involved international groups of artists, who contributed to the creation of the ‘Metamorphoses’- theatre production.

In the produced performance women tell stories of the ‘Metamorphoses’, re-adapting them to the current context, weaving songs, images and female myths of our most important traditions of the Mediterranean area, in order to deal with some contemporary most challenging issues, like multiculturalism, migrations, gender equality.

The artistic programmes included activities of the artists with the local communities to raise awareness, to exchange views, to listen, to facilitate a deeper social impact and a relational approach.

The project was promoted by Astràgaliteatro, with the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation, in partnership with the University of Salento, Xenia-Performers Network Ensemble for Internationalization of artists (Italy), EspaceCulturelAykart, A.T.E.P. – Association Tunisienned’Esthétique et Poïetique (Tunisia), Ares Organization (Turkey), Theatrotsi Zakynthos (Greece).