The Boat Project is recruiting Companions of the Mediterranean

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An initiative of the Beit Project and with the encouragement and support of the Matanel Foundation and EMID, The Boat Project is a project that proposes to make our common environment, the Mediterranean, an essential element of education for living together, through which to discover diversity from an innovative perspective.
At the heart of the project is a boat, a sailing ship, with a crew of young adults recruited from all over the Mediterranean: the Compagnons de la Méditerranée. Starting from Marseille, the boat crosses the sea from one stage to the next, weaving links from North to South over the course of a school year: Marseille, Tangiers, Barcelona, Algiers, Genoa, Tunis, Palermo and Bastia.

The aim is to develop understanding and cooperation between young people from different Mediterranean port cities, through the Compagnons de la Méditerranée, but also to have young people from different parts of each local society meet and dialogue around the discovery and interpretation of the link to the Mediterranean and develop this intercultural link as a tool for living together. Finally, the objective is also to weave connections between associations and schools from all around the Mediterranean in order to raise awareness about the value of diversity.

Thus, the association The Beit Project France, in the framework of its new project The Boat Project, is recruiting the Companions of the Mediterranean : 8 young women/men between 20 and 25 years old (inclusive) from the following 8 cities Marseille, Tangier, Barcelona, Algiers, Genoa, Tunis, Palermo and Bastia. The selected Compagnons de la Méditerranée will sail throughout the academic year 2022-23 between these 8 cities on board a magnificent sailing boat and will carry out educational workshops on the theme of living together at each stopover. These workshops, which they themselves will have developed through their experience during the crossings, will bring together pupils from very different backgrounds.

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