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General Information

Albanian Center for Oriental Studies (ACFOS-Albania) is founded at the beginning of 2007, in Tirana, Albania. The aim to open this organization (NGO) in Albania was the need and missing of such studying field in Albania, and for that reason is considered the first and the only organization in Albania which is working in giving a contribution about Oriental Studies. The long history of links between Albanians and the Orient, notably the Islamic Orient, since before the domination of Ottoman State in Albania (for about 5 centuries), also under the Ottoman domination, and even after the detachment of Albania from the Ottoman State and the Orient in general, display for a large connection with the Orient. The same aim is even for the Albanian Center for Oriental Studies, to enable the cultural links between Albanians and the Orient. A large importance in this aspect we have given to the Albanians living and working in the Orient, known as Arnaouts. In the name of this Center we have offered and promoted many Albanian personalities from the Albanian lands (Albania, Kosova and Macedonia), also we have presented many Albanians (Arnaouts) who live and work in Oriental countries, such as the famous worldwide well-known personalities which has given many contributions in the field of Oriental Studies, but also scholars of linguistics, history, literature, scholars of the Balkans region, Albanians who live or study in Oriental countries, scholars of Orient-Occident relations and the role of Albania etc.

About the achievements of this center, from 2007 till now, we can rank some contributions, publications, activities, seminars, representations etc.: 1. Official opening of Albanian Center for Oriental Studies (ACFOS-Albania), Tirana 2007 2. Translation and publishing of some books from the oriental literature, mainly from Arabic, translated into Albanian language (since 2009) 3. Publishing of the yearly cultural and scientific journal “URA” (the Bridge), a journal dealing with Oriental Studies, since second half of 2008 4. Member of ALF (Anna Lindh Foundation), since 2009 5. Attending in ALF Forum 2010, Barcelona, Spain 6. Contributor in World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development activity, May 21, 2011, organized by ALF Albanian National Head of Network, AFALC, Tirana, Albania 7. First exhibition about Oriental manuscripts and documents by the orientalist Ermal Bega, executive director of Acfos Albania, November 2011 8. Attending the 2nd Alexandria Education Convention, Alexandria, Egypt, December 2012, organized by ALF 9. Attending the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum, Marseille, April 2013 10. Participant at the national book fair in Tirana, Albania, since 2008 11. Presenting our works in many newspapers, magazines and TVs in Albania, Kosova, North Macedonia, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, USA etc.

Mission and Objectives


1. Doing studies on connections of the Albanians with Oriental countries and make closely connections with Albanians who live or work in Oriental countries 2. To do connections with different centers, institutes and organizations inside and outside Albania, who have the same activity with our organization 3. To open the Albanian Institute for Oriental Studies 4. Contacting with people from the Mediterranean region who work on oriental studies field 5. Organizing some seminars, conferences, symposiums and promotions on the relation of Albanian and Albanian with the Arab countries in the south of the Mediterranean In the following years, for 2024-2027, Albanian Center for Oriental Studies (ACFOS-Albania) is planning to have some activities as mentioned below: 1. Publishing some new books from the Arabic and Turkish literature (Oriental literature – including essays, novels, poems etc.) 2. Publishing of the new issues of the “URA”, cultural-scientific journal for Oriental Studies 3. Will organize trainings and work-shops about the importance of Oriental languages and literature in Albanian and among Albanians 4. Will organize seminars and debates with scholars and officials about the preservation of the Oriental heritage in Albania and among Albanians 5. Opening of a cultural language center to learn Arabic and Turkish languages for different students, etc. As for all the above-mentioned, we are asking from the interested parts (foundations, donators, organizations, cultural centers, institutions etc.) to contribute with donations for our organization, where everything will be open and declared in detail.

Main Projects / Activities

1. Publishing of our Center’s magazine, called "URA" - "The Bridge", which goal is to be like a "Bridge" between Orient (East) and Occident (West) by means of Cultural partnerships. 2. As soon as possible the first exhibition on the personal oriental manuscripts, by the Orientalist Ermal Bega in Tirana-Albania 3. Some seminars and conferences on Oriental Studies in Albania 4. Publishing some books in Albania on Oriental Studies 5. Organization of some cultural trips in Albania and abroad to know more about the impact of Orient & Islam in Albania.

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Ermal Bega
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Executive Director
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Ermal Bega (Executive Director)
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Azem Xheladini