Sixth Intercultural Morning Coffee


Sixth Intercultural Morning Coffee

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The Anna Lindh Foundation
Intercultural Morning Coffee in Sweden and beyond

The Anna Lindh Foundation is organizing a series of meetings called the Intercultural Morning Coffee, which brings together researchers, journalists, and civil society to discuss up-to-date issues over a cup of coffee in the morning.

The morning coffee on the 23rd of June, from 09:30 CET to 10:00 CET will focus on intercultural relations in Sweden - an interesting case that has received much coverage in the media and is also included as a case study in the fourth edition of the Anna Lindh Intercultural Trends Report. 

Sweden has welcomed a significant number of refugees and migrants over the last number of years and it’s also among the most tolerant countries according to the Anna Lindh Survey of 2020. However, trust is not guaranteed, and while social solidarity remains strong in Sweden, increased diversity since the mid-2010s seems to have decreased mutual trust and cohesion, according to Kristof Tamas, Senior Adviser at the Ministry of Justice, inter alia in charge of the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration in Sweden.

Considering these observations and the media coverage of Sweden one may ask what civil society in Sweden and other parts of the Euro-Mediterranean could do, in order to promote diversity, dialogue-driven media coverage, and a nuanced public debate on diversity and integration.

These questions and observations will be explored with a brief presentation by Kristof Tamas, after which we open the floor for a roundtable discussion.


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