The city of Šibenik will play host to the 4th edition of the Anna Lindh Foundation MedForum, from 2nd to 5th April 2020 in the framework of the Croatian Presidency of the European Council.

The MedForum sets out to focus on looking towards a new horizon of people-to-people cooperation around the Euro-Mediterranean based on a set of common values and putting intercultural dialogue as the central tool for this cooperation and to respond to the main regional socio-cultural challenges and to achieve:

  • (more) cross-cultural understanding, building a Mediterranean community with shared values and based on mutual knowledge
  • (more) gender empowerment, underlining the central role of women as actors for dialogue and identifying ways to make this role more visible and sustainable
  • (more) sustainable future with increased opportunities for young people in terms of social participation and entrepreneurship and identifying shared approaches for regional environmental challenges
  • (more) interaction and exchanges across the Mediterranean, taking into consideration social dynamics of integration, acceptance of cultural diversity within the societies of the region, exchanges of experiences and know-how

The MedForum2020 programme is structured around two main pillars: the ‘Agora’ Strategic Debates, dedicated to plenary debate and workshops with intercultural experts on the achievements and challenges of social and cultural cooperation in the regional framework; and the ‘Medina’, which brings together members of the Anna Lindh Networks and regional partners to foster ideas and build new partnerships and initiatives.