#ALFCitiesInDialogue - Mind the Language


#ALFCitiesInDialogue - Mind the Language

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Albanian Media Institute- Lead organization, Tirana, Albania

Women’s image and the role that women play in the media are heavily influenced by existing social and cultural norms, including gender stereotypes. At a time when visual means of communication predominate (namely TV, newspapers, magazines, and social media) the stereotyped images of women (as weak, emotional, caring) and men (strong, leaders, confident) manifested through sexist and misogynist language circulated by the media are undermining progress made to attain gender equality. The blatant sexist and misogynist language, a manifestation of deeply ingrained gender stereotypes, strongly influences the public's perception on gender roles and results in women being seen as less worthy in contrast to the opposite gender.  

This project, organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Cities programme, aims to raise awareness towards sexist language against women in media outlets and the consequences it has on audience’ perceptions of gender roles and at the same time to provide counter and alternative narratives of sexist and misogynist language.

In overall, this project aims to defy obsolete gender stereotypes and raise awareness on sexist and misogynistic language.

Language of the sessions: English and Albanian(only partially for the closing event with the national members)


We Youth Organization- Tunisia
AIFED- Spain

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