The Multidisciplinary Center, Modiin

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49, Emek Dotan St.

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Public Institution
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
General Information
The Multidisciplinary center is a center for Adult Education providing high education opportunities as well as other educational and enrichment courses. The center is operated by the Municipality of Modiin and the Open University. The Multidisciplinary Center is leading the initiative of "learning cities" in Israel and is collaborating with the emerging UNESCO learning cities network.
Mission and Objectives

Providing a high level of educational services and setting a stable and strong infrastructure so that every resident will be able to confidently and properly prepare for future challenges according to the principles of "The Learning City" model.

Main Projects / Activities

Developing high level of educational and enrichment programs in a variety of areas and fields:
Gender/Parenting/ Family studies
Enrichment programs and activities
BizClub- The center for small business and entrepreneurs
Academic Studies by the Open University B.A & M.A

Contact (1) Full Name
Dr. Orna Mager
Head of the organisation
Dr. Orna Mager