Training in Mostar within the project REST_ART

Local Democracy Agency Mostar

Local Democracy Agency Mostar

Training in Mostar within the project REST_ART

Between September 18th and 24th, 2023, #LDAMostar was the organizer of the Training in Mostar as part of the project REST_ART, cofunded by the EU.


We are thrilled to share that 18 passionate participants from 6 countries came together to make a difference. These incredible individuals hailed from Albania, Greece, Croatia, Egypt, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, uniting their diverse backgrounds and perspectives for a common cause—our environment!


During this enlightening week, these environmental champions engaged in a series of activities:


They put their knowledge to the test with a Climate Quiz.

They engaged in Thought-Provoking Debates on Environmental Awareness.

They embarked on a captivating Study Visit at UG Nešto Više in Mostar, exploring the permaculture, volunteerism, and the organizations' work in general.


REST_ART is all about:

Presenting the beauty of our environment.

Raising awareness about its challenges.

Sensibilizing communities for action.

Preventing harmful attitudes through the incredible power of art.

These scheduled mobilities have one clear goal:

To highlight the profound influence of art on environmental preservation.


Artworks are not just beautiful; they are the tools of ecological activism:

They shed light on urgent issues.

They simplify sustainability messages.

They mobilize people to take a stand for our planet.

Additionally, this event included a comparative approach and photography research, focused on plastic waste management in Mostar. This data will serve as a compelling tool to hold local municipalities accountable and drive change through communication and dissemination.


Join us in celebrating this international collaboration for a greener, more sustainable world!


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