Organization for the Promotion of European Issues

National Network

Galatias 1
8046 Paphos

Organisation Type
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Gender
  5. Heritage
  6. Human rights
  7. International/Cultural relations
  8. Media
  9. Others
  10. Religion
General Information

There is a Board of Directors composed of seven members. There is a secretary general on a part time basis, and our associates work on contract basis. The annual resources of the organization are roughly 35,0000 euros that come from membership fees, project funding and donations from friends and sponsors. The organization participates in awareness raising activities, seminars, participation in EU projects such as youth, long life learning, and research activities. The organization participated in youth projects in Cyprus and abroad, in lifelong learning and the Council of Europe all different - all equal campaign. Its social network is composed of Ilektra cultural center, Association Kivotos-Elpida and Stroumbi Youth club.

Mission and Objectives

The Organization aims to participate in European projects and lifelong learning programs, contributing to the knowledge of local society regarding the European Union. Its aim is to establish itself a positive actor of knowledge and expertise in European Affairs in Cyprus, becoming an educational bridge among Cyprus and the European Union. The organization is focused in promoting European issues and values in Cyprus, with a general interest in European Union. It pays particular attention to issues concerning education, lifelong learning, culture and youth. The Organization has taken part in various awareness campaigns regarding equal rights, social issues and social inclusion, youth exchanges and European policy awareness.

Main Projects / Activities

Participation in the EU awareness programme “For Diversity. Against Discrimination” Awareness on the EU Programme “Help” Against Smoking Participation in several Action 3- Youth Initiatives. Awareness for the European Week -For Safety And Health At Work 2006, “SAFE START”. “All different-All equal” campaign of the Council of Europe. 2008 GRUNDTVIG LEARNING PARTNERSHIPS «Motivation of elderly persons who are not used to education for an informal search for information»

Contact (1) Full Name
Michalakis Ioannou Papatherapontos
Head of the organisation
Michalis I. Papatherapontos
Contact (2) Full Name
Kostas Michaelides