Association international BJCEM - Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l'Europe et de la Mediterranée, aisbl

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Siège legale: 7 Rue d'Alost B1000 Bruxelles (Belgique)
Bureau operatif: Via Vittorio Andreis 18, int 18c - 10152 Torino (Italie)


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  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information
The association BJCEM was founded in 2001 in Sarajevo, during the 10th edition of the homonymous event. The first Biennial was held in Barcelona in 1985 and for more than 15 years it was promoted by an informal network and realized every two years in a different city. After its birth in 2001 with 23 founders, the Association had a constant development and nowaday includes 73 members from 22 countries, as cultural institutions, public bodies and independent organizations. The annual budget is about 250.000 euros, 35% of our income are ensured by the membership annual fee, 20% from EU funding, on the program Youth in action 4.1, the rest comes from fundraising and sponsoring activities related to our main events or to other projects we promote. We usually cooperate with international partners as Culture Action Europe, Euromed platform, Goethe-institut international, Art Council England.
Mission and Objectives

We are a cultural and artistic network that point out with attention and coherence political and social issues. We try to achieve this goal trough a participative planning and design of our activities, that are not imposed by above or abroad but directly realized by organizations locally based and with direct contact with their cultural context and the local art scene.
This is a crucial moment of change in the Mediterranean area and we do believe it is important to promote activities and opportunities of exchanges and dialogue in particular in the territories that are more affected to the crisis.
We believe that youth and art are essential keys for the rising of pacific relations and sustainable development in the euromediterranean area.

Main Projects / Activities

The 15th Biennale de la Mediterranée inaugurate a new format based on a long term process that aims to give continuity to the activities and events promoted by the network in order to offer more opportunities to the artists and accompanying them in their growth process.
The social, political and cultural context of the Mediterranean is constantly in evolution and we want to be flexible and open in order to continue being a point of reference, raise questions, sustain mobility and foster the intercultural dialogue.
The events is a long journey that starts in Thessaloniki in october 2011, continues in Rome in dcember 2011 and to get to the conclusion in Casablanca in february 2012.

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Emiliano Paoletti
Head of the organisation
President: Mr. Luigi Ratclif; Secrétaire générale: Mr. Emiliano Paoletti
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Federica Candelaresi