Montenegro Film Festival

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
General Information
Montenegro film festival is a non-governmental organization established in 2009 with a mission to promote domestic and international film production and raise awareness considering the importance of national film production. It has five members/founders, assembly and board of directors. Our NGO has no ordinary available budgetary resources, but fund itself through various call for entries. Our main project is UNDERHILL Documentary film festival, that gained great success and became one of the most important cultural events in Montenegro. UNDERHILL film festival was supported by Ministry of Culture, and many successful private organizations in Podgorica, and all of them became regular partners of UNDERHILL film festival.
Mission and Objectives

General objectives of NGO Montenegro film festival are: promotion, development, distribution and fostering of film production in Montenegro, joining in order to create a healthy environment for realization of feature-length and short documentaries, fostering of intercultural exchange and providing opportunities for film professionals from around the world to exchange ideas and to present their projects and find inspirations for new ones, and organization of film festivals.

Main Projects / Activities

Our main project is UNDERHILL film festival. UnderhillFest serves the documentary form and its community by showcasing the contemporary work of established and emerging filmmakers. The festival provides a space that nurtures conversation between artists, students, and the UnderhillFest audience. UnderhillFest is committed to enhancing public understanding and appreciation of the art form and its significance, while making films more accessible to a wider audience. We also organize lectures on documentary film.
In the year when we decided to launch such a festival in Podgorica where there is no cinema hall (theatre) in which we could show such a program, we decided to run the first show of the festival Underhill out in the “open space”. Our goal and desire is to present documentaries from smaller European and World productions.
Podgorica with this festival will get a feature documentary film event - the same one that have in Croatia, Serbia, FYR of Macedonia.

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Andjelka Nenezic
Head of the organisation
Andjelka Nenezic
Contact (2) Full Name
Sanja Jovanovic