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General Information
Social Innovation Lab driving collaborative new forms of social and financial integration
Mission and Objectives

Every social problem has a deeper root within our social ecosystem. We therefore need to understand it as part of the ecosystem and not separated, so we engage all stakeholders of the ecosystem into our process to change social structures and provide more concrete social services.
We call this process Ecosystemic Development. Because we firmly believe in collaborative structures, we prefer working with and co-creating with other organizations with a similar philosophy.
Combining Design with Social Innovation we apply research and design processes in the solution of social problems. With our multidisciplinary team at the frontline of research, design and strategy, we wish to play our part in transforming today’s social services, bringing creativity in our everyday lives.
Why are we doing this?
Unemployment, lack of access to resources such as healthcare and housing, are symptoms within our diverse and constantly changing world, affecting an ever growing number of people’s lives. Only through collective societal support structures and active participation will it be possible to eradicate social exclusion and empower members of the community to engage in processes that directly affect their daily lives and well-being.

Main Projects / Activities

Future Library, British Council Greece, EUNIC Network, SciCo, Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Social Entrepreneurship Supporting Network (SES Net), Anna Lindh Foundation, Athens Development and Destination Management Agency, Heinrich Boell Foundation

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Our multidisciplinary team is part of  a number of  international and national networks: World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Sandbox Network, Ashoka Changemakers Xchange, "Think Social. Act Business" - Initiative of EUNICAthens & Thessaloniki Cluster, Ashoka, Startup Live, Makesense etc. We believe that ALF should be part of the dialogues in these networks. 
We have a focus on models with social impact therefore we have a strong research and implementation methodology which supports individuals and groups to engage with different mindsets and tools. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We often forget culture and cultural context as an important factor for how societies interact and operate. Cultural dialogue, cultural experimentation is an on-going process towards understanding and therefore it creates the ground for solutions for societal challenges. Without cultural ormulticultural context we cannot aim social innovation neither change. ALF is a platform that empowers not only the mindset of trans-and intracultural context but also the dialogue. 

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Konstantina Zoehrer
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Cofounder, Managing Director
Head of the organisation
Konstantina Zoehrer
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Evita Kolokouri
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Public Policy & Development