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General Information
We are a pioneering enterprise, which  promotes social entrepreneurship across the island and implements projects of positive social change. In view of promoting social entrepreneurship across the divided country and contribute to peace and reconciliation, we are based in the United Nations’ “buffer zone” of the divided city of Nicosia. Our philosophy is that “social entrepreneurship makes people, better human beings; it contributes to the development of tolerance, understanding, empathy, and caring for others,” leaving the seeds of racism and xenophobia to dry out. We are working to promote social entrepreneurship through training, research, motivational speaking, and promotional activities. We are the organisers of the only European Conference on Social Entrepreneurship that is held on  the island, bringing together practitioners, policy makers, academics and teachers from Cyprus and abroad. We offer customised training programmes for aspiring young entrepreneurs, small business owners, teachers, and policy makers.  We also offer an exclusive blended learning course Entrepreneurship Training programme, suitable to young people with no business studies or background. We have more than ten years experience in European cooperation, including monitoring and evaluation of projects funded by the European Union and the Norwegian Fund. We have been working with European partners in developing and implementing projects of educational and social value in fields such as  personal development, entrepreneurship, employment, inclusion, migrant integration, and culture heritage. Our partners include universities, NGOs, associations, and European networks. Our staff and associates have advanced degrees in education, business, social and political sciences. We are soon launching the award-winning “Hub Nicosia” in Nicosia’s buffer zone offering space, networking opportunities and support services to budding entrepreneurs from both divided communities; the co-working hub which has received the Stelios Award for Business Cooperation in Cyprus 2013 (set up and given by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the founder of easyJet). In the current decade, we focus on actions that can "open people's minds," improve social inclusion, and have a green and sustainable effect on the planet we live on.
Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to

contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship for social and/or environmental good, instead of profit maximisation

empower people and communities

contribute to the development of a culture of peace and reconciliation
Our partners are NGOs, universities, enteprises, associations, european networks

Main Projects / Activities

Some of our recent projects are the following:

Hub Nicosia--a Hub for Social Entrepreneurs across the dividing line

Future Europe – Best practices in Digital Competencies and Migrant Integration

Take Care—Healthcare Language Guide for Migrants—which aims primarily to enable migrants to gain language skills about health care matters in a new language and improve their integration to the local society

DAISS2--Diagnostics for Enterprise Soft Skills—which provides an assessment tool for soft skills for enterprise and entrepreneurship

AGnovel – Advanced graphic novels for mobile devices—which creates and puts into use an innovative approach to foreign language learning by developing a new type of graphic novel that can be used on mobile devices

Under My Wing--An entreprenereurial training programme for non-business graduates

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can work to promote the ideals of the Anna Lindh Foundation and contribute to the success of the local network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We share the ideals of the ALF Network and experienced already some of its activities.

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George Isaias
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Irene Antoniou
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Project Administrator