Fondacija CURE/ CURE Foundation

National Network
البوسنة والهرسك

Čekaluša 16
71000 Sarajevo
البوسنة والهرسك

Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Gender
  3. Human rights
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Youth and education
General Information
CURE Foundation is a feminist-activist organization which operates for the equality of sexes and genders pleading for positive social changes through educational, artistic, cultural and research programs. Providing affirmative action, CURE Foundation celebrates women’s strength and power and works on empowering people so they could become initiators of social changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. Feminist activism has provided a safe space where women are strong, fearless and capable united in their differences. CURE Foundation is an organization of professionals and volunteers who go out to the streets in sign of public protest against violence, discrimination, violations of laws and fundamental human rights, organize performances against violence, invite artists, scientists, educators, activists and the citizens to action and personal contribution to creating a better and healthier BiH society. Vision – The kind of society we want – CURE Foundation works for the equality of women in BiH, for a society without patriarchal norms in which violence and discrimination are not tolerated, where women are recognized as responsible initiators and bearers of positive social changes and equally make decisions in the society. Mission – What we do to realize the vision – CURE Foundation works on supporting, strengthening the capacity and creating a safe environment for a new generation of activists and feminists, for their responsible and active involvement in positive social changes through: - educational programs, - research, analysis and public advocacy, - improvement of the media image of women and raising visibility, - local and regional networking, - engaged arts and activism and - building an inclusive and sustainable women's movement.
Mission and Objectives

CURE Foundation has 9 members empoyed (one directress, 8 employees). We have a Governing board made out of 5 members (activists from other NGOs). CURE Foundation is funded by foreign donors and local government bodies (ministries). CURE's work is based on educational workshops for young women, women politicians and women from smaller, rural areas of BiH. CURE Foundation also works on lobbying and advocating for equality in the governement and works on LGBT rights. CURE Founadation is member of different networks and coalitions with other NGOs working on similar topics. CURE coordinates the Women's Network of BiH and is partnering with many different local and regional women's rights organizations. CURE Foundation organizes an annual women's arts and activism festival, networking with different regional and world wide organizations and activists, talking about women in arts and promoting women's arts. 

Main Projects / Activities

OAK Foundation is funding CURE Foundation in buidling our capacities as an organization
Empowerment of women's rights through the empowerment of the Women's network of BiH- raising the capacities of the organizations members of the women network and strenghtening the capacities of the WNBIH itself 
Gender based violence: View from a different angle – Violence in youth relationships- education of young women on the topics of violence, feminism, activism, etc. and the creation of a new generation of feminists  
Capture gender based violence- Creation of short films on the topics of gender based violence and the promotion of these films all over BiH
Empowerment of activists from smaller areas- CURE Foundation work with smaller organizations from BiH on empowering them and raising their capacities in the field of women's human rights 
ISCOS- Education of Roma girls and work with smaller organizations 
Solidarity Fund- Helping women who have been dealing with difficult times through a Solidarity fund
Education of women politicians- CURE Foundation is educating women politicians and preparing them for their electoral campaigns
ASTREA Foundation- CURE Foundation is creating a safe space for LBT* women and opening a space for dialogue about the  needs of LBT* women in BiH 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

CURE Foundation can contribute with our knowledge in the field of women's human rights and activism in BiH. CURE has been existing and working for the past ten years in this field and we have been trained to facilitate different processes regardless if ti is education of young women or lobbying and advocating workshops. CURE can build capacities of smaller NGOs working on these topics and can help with the topics of EU integration process and different conventions BiH signed regarding gender based violence and the position of women in BiH. Also, CURE are very visibile in the media, so we can benefit with public representation of our activities including this network. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to joing the ALF Network because we consider that it is important to have connections all over the world regarding the work in the field of women's human rights and human rights in general. We consider the ALF Nework a good approach to current topics in these fields and the networking part is generally very important when it comes to working as an NGO. We also want to partner with different organizations in project which would benefit our country and the general position of women everywhere. 

Contact (1) Full Name
Marija Vuletić
Job Title
Project coordinator
Head of the organisation
Jadranka Miličević
Contact (2) Full Name
Vedrana Frašto
Job Title (2)
Office manager