Building Bridges Association (جمعية بناء الجسور)

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Jabal Amman

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Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Gender
  3. Human rights
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Religion
  6. Research
General Information
The Building Bridges Association (BBA) was founded under the 2008 law of associations #51 and all amendments implemented on it in 2014. It was started as an independent non-governmental body headquartered in Amman, and its geographical scope of work extends all through the governorates of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. However, the team of BBA contributed to the formation of the Jordanian Network of the Anna Lindh since 2011.
Mission and Objectives

Towards a society based on equality, social justice, freedom, and human dignity in order to improve the quality of life through development and progress.
It is a non-profit voluntary initiative that aims at making a positive change towards a better social, cultural, political, and economic reality, through implementing programs and projects designed for women and men aiming at empowering and strengthening women’s capacity to confront gender-based violence, as well as increasing the participation of women in decision-making positions.
 To spread, enhance, and defend human rights
 To strengthen the awareness of the community about the culture of knowledge of gender
 To empower women legally and socially in order highlight their role in society
 To provide support – legal, social, psychological, and health services – to women and children victimized by the violation of human rights
 To organize studies and qualitative and quantitative researches in the field of development and women’s and human rights
 To contribute in developing the skills of women and youth specialized in making researches and creating public policies in order to enable to take an active role in decision-making positions.
Fields work:

1. The unit of family support and legal, social, and psychological guidance,
2. The unit of capacity-building,
3. The unit of researches and studies.

Family Aid unit specialized in working with women whom subjected to violence in all its forms, from the perspective of gender-based violence,  the work team provide legal advisory service, social, psychological and health assistance for abused women, and dealing with many abused women, specially foreign women whom married to Arab men, where they suffer from double violence upon the lack of Jordanian laws knowledge and unfamiliarity with Arabic language, also because of deferent religions, as most of them are Christians married mostly from Muslims, that when they come back to their countries  they return to retro customs and traditions that scold women and degrades her value and dignity, also  our work team specialized in providing awareness in the personal laws of Muslims and Christian communities for women, and advocacy and litigation service for women who had no money for free via assuring legal assistance for them, also support abused women to know where to go when they exposure to violence to get help.


Main Projects / Activities

The Building Bridge Association works in building capacity for women in general to access to decision-making positions through trainings concerning political participation in the municipalities and Parliament.
BBA is working now on the following projects:
1. Promote awareness of women leaders roles in political and civic life (I made my Decision) with Ministry political and parliament affairs, funded by Europe Union
2. Political Participation for Women in Parliament and Local Councils / Irbid project , under the Mobilization of Gender Equality Actors at Local Level Program funded by Euro- Mediterranean women’s foundation and IE-MID (the European Institute for Mediterranean.
Contributed to WOMEN IN THE MEDITERRANEAN FIRST MONITORING REPORT of the Euro Mediterranean Women's Foundation of the Ministerial Conferences. Research entitled "Political Participation of Jordanian Women."
Targeted audience:
The association’s services are available for all individuals of the community, specifically the marginalized groups that suffer any form of exclusion or deprivation of human rights, discrimination or inequality, in addition to distinguished women that demonstrate leadership in local communities.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We believe Crossing Bridges can play roles as:
Local implementing partner for women projects in the governorates through our unit  of family support and legal, social, and psychological guidance
Research production through our unit of researches and studies and as a service for external stakeholders
Holding local and international trainings through our unit of capacity building
Share knowledge and network with national and international institutions to promote positive change
Transfer knowledge enhancement skills to individuals, communities, and institutions
Contribute to the production of journals, studies and researches published locally and internationally

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We  support the mission and the objectives of ALF and the reasons behind founding it.  We believe in networking and we can add to the work of  the network nationally and internationally. Also, the team of the association have rich expereince with the active Jordanian network and ALF network of networks, either as experts or trainers, or members participants, and in the Euromed region with Euro-mediterranean Women Foundation and IEMED and we want to build on that experience and mutual work through Building Bridges Association (BBA).

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Dima Kardsheh
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Head of the organisation
Dima Karadsheh
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Haifa Haidar
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Head of Research and Projects