The Palestinian national institute for NGOs " PNIN"

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West Bank – Ramallah Al-Irsal Str. Awwad Center -5 floor
الأراضي الفلسطينية

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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Youth and education
General Information
Is to participate in the advancement of national institutions by enhancing institutional construction, developing the mechanisms accelerate the process of development in our Palestinian community, like coordination, interpenetration, co-operation and deliberation among national sector' institutions, on one hand, and between the governmental sector and the institutions of the national sector, depending on the strategic development plan aiming to advance the Palestinian community, in addition to target the circulation and  the spread of civil community' culture and practice; which are taking place in all of the national and the international communities, in order to steer and to circulate peace, justice and equality for every body.  PNIN' Main Objectives: The Palestinian National Institute for NGOs works for advancing national institutions by sharing and plying an effective role to design effective limped administrative and financial programs, and preparing for training courses, workshops and conferences.   It works also to apply limpness principle on the tasks done by the Palestinian national institutions through activating relevant rules and regulations, and developing a mechanism to supervise their implications. Enhancing voluntary work, and ensuring woman' role as a volunteer, and intensifying ties and social relationships.   PNIN works hard to raise the role of the Palestinian national sector by coordination, interpenetration, co-operation and consultation among those institutions and increasing interaction with exchanging knowledge and experiences with other non-governmental institutions on a local, national and international level.   Offering financial support for the institutions of the non-governmental sector through establishing good strong ties between those institutions and financiers, and by holding training courses to develop those institutions' experience about how they can use those funds to produce projects.    Strengthening the independency of the Palestinian civil community and developing civil culture and providing non-governmental institutions with relevant studies and analysis that may contribute in formulating the general developing policies and legislations, and creating public awareness about daily issues affect the Palestinian society by establishing democratic civil community, so it can achieve a perpetual development.
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Shadi Zein Eldein
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Board membe shadi
Head of the organisation
Shadi Zein Eldein
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Badra Al-shaer
Job Title (2)
Program officer