Visiting Historical Museum

Visiting Historical Museum

The visit started in the morning of 17 January 2023 and the first stop was the Centre for Disabled People of the municipality. S&G volunteers with the Legal Representative Mr. Gürkan Akçaer was warmly welcomed by the President Enver Demirel of the Centre and an number of the staff, who kindly showed the building and the infrastructure and explained the main activities and work developed there such as ;

  • Equitable access to educational services and activities, including workshops and programs
  • Income-generating opportunities and job and life skills training for disabilities people
  • Support for inclusion training, awareness activities, and stigma reduction at the individual and community level
  • Access to essentials such as nutritious food, accessible water sources, and other facilities
  • Recognition of the basic human dignity and rights of persons with disabilities 

The volunteers, their coordinators and the President headed to the museum of Turkish History “Türk Tarih Müzesi” - the biggest art museum in Türkiye and the third biggest in Europe. Following a very interesting guided visit, the group met with Halil Yıldız, the Director of the Museum and also discussed some of the possible ways to establish a proficuous cooperation all together for a real approach; being volunteer and participating in active citizenship.